Activate Airtel VoiceMail Service For Free on Your Prepaid Mobile

Airtel provides Free Voicemail service for all prepaid customers but unfortunately no one is aware of it. Even Airtel website or customer care representative is unaware of it. Activation by Call Code: Call *321*671# for Activation Call *321*673# for Deactivation Activation by SMS Code: START VMS to 54321 for Activation STOP VMS to 54321 for Deactivation Voicemail Account Management: To access your Voicemail Account Management, call Dial 52555 from your registered Airtel Prepaid Mobile. For the very first time, it will prompt you to set a 4 digit passord. Next time you need to enter the password to access your profile settings. With your account Management, you can do the following things Change your language presence Set your Own Custom Voicemail Message Hear, Save and Delete the received voice mail messages Change Voice mail box name You can press the following numbers to perform action on your current running Voicemails Delete – 3 Reply – 4 Save – 5 Previous Voicemail – 6 Replay Again – 7 Next Voicemail – 8 Settings – 9 Settings Page: When you login to setting, Press 2 to change language presence Rename Mailbox Name – 3 Change Password – 4 Hear or Change current welcome message – 7 Remove current Welcome Message – 8 Let me know if you have any issues in activating the services.

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