Should you subscribe to JIO. All about JIO plans.

Jio, the part of Reliance group, has officially announced that the Jio network will be open for all the users beginning September 5 2016. Which means, now you don’t need an invitation to get the Jio SIM and of course get the Jio with any 4G compatible device. Along with making the Jio network public, Jio also announced the new tariff plans that will be available after the Jio Unlimited Preview offer ends. Have a look at the new Jio tariff plans below. Reliance-Jio-Tarrif-List At first glance, the offers may not excite the users who primarily recharge data packs. I am one of those who were expecting a little more in terms of data packets.But, for those, who are into making calls and sending text messages, Jio has some incredible plans that include unlimited calls and text messages (100 SMS per day) with data bundles. For example, a Rs 1499 Large Jio plan will come with 20GB of 4G data compared to Rs 1555 Airtel pack that offers 12GB of 4G/3G data. On addition, you also get unlimited 4G night data, unlimited calls and text messages, and of course 40GB of 4G high-speed connection on JioNet. All this may look good on paper, but in reality, this does not look so good. For someone like me who barely make voice calls and text messages, the plan does not offer much. My work requires 24/7 data access, and 20GB/pm might be just good enough when used with care. The additional 40 GB high-speed data on JioNet looks impressive until you realise, you can only use it if you are nearby any JioNet WiFi hotspot.

What is JioNet?

“JioNet is a high-speed WiFi network. The JioNet app will help the users to find and connect to the Reliance Jio’s high-speed WiFi Network called JioNet.” JioNet is basically a WiFi hotspot network offered by Reliance Jio to the Jio subscribers at selected places. Other major network operators including Airtel and Aircel also offer such Hotspot networks. However, for other operators you have to buy the subscription separately to be able to use their WiFi hotspot. One problem with this is that despite having about 40GB of free JioNet data, you won’t be able to use it unless you have a JioNet WiFi hotspot nearby. I believe the company has taken this into consideration while announcing such generous amount of high-speed JioNet data for the Jio users. Most of the people simply may not use it, and they know it well. As of now, there is no JioNet WiFi hotspot in my area or the whole city. Hopefully, we will find more JioNet hotspots in near future to utilize the JioNet to its best. Until then, it is just a gimmick for most of the users. Unlimited 4G Data at Night: Unlimited 4G data at night valid with plans starting from Rs 499 for monthly plans. It is also available with base plans starting at Rs 19, Rs 129 and Rs 299 with the validity of 1, 7, and 21 days respectively. The unlimited 4G night data is not valid for Rs 149 plan which has 28 days of validity. What’s the catch? Typically the night data timing starts at 12 am to 6 am among all the major networks. However, the night at Reliance Jio HQ begins at 2 am and ends at 5 am. So, you have 3 hours of unlimited data access in the middle of the night. Since it is a complementary offer, you can’t ask for more.  Might just work for owls, though. Unlimited HD Video Calls – The Jio network will use VoLTE to make video calls. Even though you won’t be charged for making video calls, but data will be consumed during video calls. Hence, you will be charged for used data if you don’t have an active internet pack. Unlimited Voice Calls: If you purchase any of the above-shown plans then you will also get unlimited voice calls until the validity of the plan expires. Now the question would be, what if you don’t subscribe to any plans at all. Will you still be able to make voice calls for free? The answer is No. To get unlimited free calls, you have to purchase any one of the above-shown plans. If not, to continue voice calls, you have to recharge your number with a regular Jio Topup plans. The base top-up recharge plan starts at Rs 10 and goes up to Rs 5000. The Jio Top-up recharge will be available from 1st January 2017. You may also want to note that, with regular top-up recharge you will be charged for used pulses at 2p/ps (2 paise / per second).

Will I Get 1GB Jio 4G Data for Rs 50?

The answer is yes and no. You will be charged Rs 50/GB after you have exhausted your JioNet WiFi data. Example: If you recharge with Rs 1499 plan, you will get 40GB high-speed JioNet data and 20GB regular 4G data along with voice calls and text message benefits. Post 40GB JioNet data you will be charged Rs 50/GB for the data used using JioNet WiFi hotspot. Reliance-Jio-Tarrif-Data-4G And Usage beyond 20GB of 4G data will be charged at Rs.250/GB with 10 KB charging pulse. So, keep that in mind. Below are the Reliance Jio Plans as listed on their official website.

Will I get Unlimited 4G data with Jio Welcome Offer?

Beginning 5th September 2016, anyone with a 4G compatible smartphone can get a free Jio SIM through Jio Welcome offer. So, will you get unlimited Jio 4G with the welcome offer? You will not. Though you can call it unlimited, but it is useless. Unlimited-4GB-data Users whose SIMs were activated after 5th September 2016 will get 4GB of Jio 4G data every day for 90 days. If you use more than 4GB Jio 4G data in a day, then the speed will be throttled to 128Kbps. This is what Airtel does with its large 4G plans or any other major network. Post FUP (Fair usage policy limit), your speed will be throttled to 128Kbps which is nothing but useless. And if you are wondering, 128Kbps = 16KBps at best. So, the internet users who are addicted to 4G speed will never work on 16KBps speed and hence won’t use it. However, since it won’t cost you anything, get a Jio SIM and use it to test the network and save on voice call and internet bills for three months.

What about Remaining / Unused Data Balance in Jio?

Unlike what network operators such as Airtel offer, the remaining or unused Jio 4G data balance will be fortified at the end of the month ( or whatever the validity your plan has). So, you won’t get to carry forward the unused prepaid 3G/4G data with next recharge even if you recharge before the current active pack expires. So, is Jio the revolution that everyone is talking about? It is not exactly. It was mere hype, and at best India is getting something that western countries were offering that is bundled (All in One) plans. Why not? Because it is not for everyone. Only those who can afford large plans such as Rs 1499 plans can avail the benefit that too only if they can utilize it.  Or you have to be a call savvy to utilize the 149 plan with fewer benefits. Regular users who do easy top-up recharge won’t get any substantial benefit or may get even worse plans compared to other networks. So, should you subscribe to Jio? That’s up to you. I am for sure will be using Jio for the next couple of months as the large plans suit my needs well. At least till other Network operators have something even better to offer.

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